Séminaire RETS au Pays de Galles

Bonnes Pratiques EnR en Europe

Come along to one of Eco Centre Wales’ FREE European Seminars next month.

Sustainable Energy Best Practice in the European Regions” Seminar Tour.

St Asaph, Optic Technium March 13th

Swansea University March 15th

Eco Centre Wales is hosting an exciting double seminar on some of the best examples of sustainable energy developments today. Our European guest speakers will present:

  • Popularising wind farms. Germany
  • Biomass power plants. The Netherlands
  • Successful community consultation. England
  • Shaping a local 'deep green' planning policy. Germany
  • Heat pumps and geothermal energy. Hungary
  • A wood fired village heating system. France
  • Large scale energy efficiency improvements. The Netherlands
  • Welsh marine energy projects. Wales

The free seminars are designed for local and national government officers and statutory bodies but also open to industry and the third sector.

We are hosting one for North Wales’ authorities and repeating it in South Wales so choose the one most convenient to you. Please note there are a couple of minor programme variations. If you are coming for a specific topic, check it is on the programme at your chosen destination.

To book (deadline February 29th)
and find out more see the invite below and visit our website

This event is funded as part of a European exchange of expertise programme, RETS, Renewable Energies Transfer System,


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